Breathing as a Therapy


"Your diaphragm muscle is the heart and nature of life"

The essence of meditation and yoga is the breath. The major muscle we use for breathing is the diaphragm. We can live without our biceps and triceps muscles but we cannot live without the diaphragm. Thankfully this muscle contracts 22,000 times a day without us consciously moving it, feeling it or being aware of it. Imagine the possibilities if we learn to exercise this muscle...

  • our breathing pattern changes positively and becomes wise and intelligent.

  • we infuse every cell of being with oxygen. As oxygen delivery improves this increases the function of every system in our body.

  • blood pressure lowers.

  • intelligent breathing triggers the release of endorphins which improve well being and provide pain relief.

When we connect the mind to the diaphragm and feel its internal movement we learn to harness its power and energy. We embody abdominal breathing. We allow our breath to lengthen naturally without force, gently releasing all the air out of our lungs creating space in the lungs to receive to a more bountiful in-breath. This simple action strengthens and tones the diaphragm and abdominal muscles.

Once you develop awareness from your yoga practice the beauty is you can exercise this muscle from sitting, standing wherever you are and whenever you wish.

Please click on this link to watch an informative video of the movement of the diaphragm:

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